Cyber Insurance

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How cyber insurance can help protect your business:

Cyber insurance is one of the fastest growing areas of cover as businesses become ever more reliant on technology. It is rarely considered in the context of haulage and transport, and yet like every industry it has exposures to cyber risks. While businesses in this sector work very much in the physical world, they also rely on both internal and external networks that are critical to their operations.

With a comprehensive cyber insurance policy, a business will be covered from both losses sustained by a breach as well as any liability for damages that may be claimed by a third party.

The risk of losing funds or data, or technology being denied or failing due to accidental or malicious interference, has never been greater.

Increasingly, organisations rely on technology to drive core business objectives, causing cyber risks to have exponentially increased in recent years. Cyber incidents can disrupt businesses through reputational damage, operational downtime, financial loss, and legal action.

Cyber Risk insurance cover should be held by any business which:

  • holds personal data (such as names, addresses, and banking information)
  • electronically stores business-critical data
  • is reliant on technology to conduct business
  • has a website
  • has an online bank account
  • is subject to a payment card industry (PCI) merchant services agreement

Getting cyber security and information protection right can be a challenge for all companies, no matter their size.